The English Lecture Series brings together writers, teachers, and researchers from across Northwest Indiana and the Chicago region to discuss the teaching of writing.  Sponsored by the Graduate Program in English at Purdue University Calumet,  the Lecture Series selects a topic or theme each year, and holds a series of public presentations and workshops.  The Lecture Series attracts academics studying literary and composition theory, secondary school teachers in English, Writing, and Language Arts, and instructors at the region's many universities and colleges.  By bringing together practicing teachers and academic researchers, the events sponsored by the lecture series provide participants with the opportunity to explore the interaction between theory and practice.

Most events are free and open to the public, although some require prior registration.  The best way to keep up with the English Lecture Series is to sign up for our quarterly electronic newsletter, which will announce ates and events as soon as they become available.  We also support a listserve dedicated to the lecture series, which allows participants to follow-up on discussions after the events, and to share their ideas about future events with the series organizers.